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Choosing the right Equipment Bands or Resistance Bands should not be overlooked as part of your strengthening exercises. They provide you with so many benefits other than just strengthening. These bands are ideal for promoting muscular development, flexibility, therapy, conditioning and overall fitness.

This article delivers you, The 10 Best Equipment Bands for Strengthening your body and is suitable for novice trainers to dedicated athletes. You will be amazed at how unassuming and effective these bands can transform your workouts.

What are Strength Equipment Bands?

Strength bands are versatile training tools used at the gym, on the go, or at home.

Better known as “Resistance Bands” – are large elastic bands that come in flat therapy bands, flat loop bands, elastic tubing, and latex rubber bands that can be used with interchangeable handles.

These bands create increased muscle tension, allowing them to contract and tone., while working the entire body with numerous workout options for toning, stretching, or therapy.

Furthermore, they help in improving overall strength and athletic performance. They are ideal for muscle stretching, toning, rehabilitation stretching and assisting with mobility.

What are the benefits of Strength Bands?

These Strength Bands can help improve balance, flexibility and body fat percentage.

Strength bands can benefit a total body workout, warm-up and stretching exercises for toning or pain relief.

It is a great habit to incorporate the use of Strength Bands as part of your daily routine. It is wise to have it in your home gym or gym bag!

The Strength bands provide the motion of resistance training to help increase muscle strength, making muscles work against a weight or force.

These bands also benefit weight loss, are a great exercise routine, and should be considered in your weekly fitness regimen.

We highly recommend using these bands, which are suitable for people of all ages.

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SUNPOW Pull-Up Assistance Bands are thick, durable, and tear-resistant and can be used anywhere and anytime.

These bands are suitable for a variety of exercises – stretching, yoga, resistance training, rehabilitation training and building muscle. Alternatively, they can be used to assist you with pull-ups, providing and building strength.

A great full-body workout for your home, outdoors, travel and gym. The SUNPOW Pull-Up Bands are also ideal for resistance training and physical therapy to help strengthen torn ligaments or muscles.

Made with 100% natural latex in a set of 5 and a range of colors and sizes.

1x Green Band, 1x Blue Band, 1x Orange Band, 1x Red Band, 1x Purple Band, 1x Storage Bag, 1x User Manual.


  • Natural Rubber
  • Great for Strengthening and Conditioning
  • Durable & Environmental
  • 100% natural latex
  • Perfect beginning bands for resistance training
  • Set of 5- Each band has a different resistance level.
  • Tear-resistant



TRIBE Lifting Long Resistance Bands come in 5 Natural and Latex rubber pull-up bands with strong rubber handles and a door anchor for resistance bands.

Suitable for beginners, physiotherapists, intermediate and athletes. It simply offers a great variety of uses and is perfect for strengthening.

Great for pull-up assistants, stretching, strength training or even squat assistance.

Made with a strong natural rubber with various exercises and lifetime bands.

It contains sturdy buckles, triangle hooks, a door anchor, and 5 resistance bands.


  • Long resistance bands
  • 5 natural and latex rubber pull-up bands
  • Sturdy buckles, rubber handles, and a door anchor
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Strong natural rubber
  • Lifetime bands



ARENA Strength Long Fabric Full Body Resistance Bands come in a four-pack of light, medium and strong fabric bands to tone and strengthen the body for a great workout.

The ARENA Bands are comfortable against the skin and are durable. They will not break, tear, snap, or warp and are perfect for rehabilitation, and stretching and for a full-body home workout. In addition, made from premium cotton material, these resistance loops have more stretch & durability compared to other brands.

The ARENA Bands are fantastic for body strengthening and providing comfort to those aching muscles!

Including a full workout guide and a training video.


  • Long fabric full-body resistance bands
  • Four-pack of light, medium, and strong fabric bands
  • Comfortable against the skin
  • Premium Materials
  • Made with cotton
  • Including a training video, workout guide, and a carrycase



BESBUI Heavy-Duty Exercise and Resistance Bands come in a pack of 6 resistance stackable up to 300BS.

These natural Rubber grips, Heavy-duty metal steel clips, Latex bands, and Nylon straps are great for physiotherapy, exercise and fitness, stretching, bodybuilding and strength training. Furthermore, the BESBUI Bands are tear-resistant and highly resilient. They are made of soft neoprene sponge padding, protecting your training bands and against door damage.

Versatility and High Efficiency: The stretch resistance bands are ideal for bodybuilding, physical therapy, stretching, resistance training, strength training, and weight loss.

The BESBUI Resistance Band Set provides durability, portability, versatility, and high quality that will impress you.

Lastly, the 47″ long resistance bands are high-grade natural latex with high-density nylon webbing and sturdy heavy metal climbing carabiners that won’t break or deform.

Including – 2*Handles, 1* Exercise Guidance, Exercise bands set of 6, 1*Door Anchor, 2*Ankle Straps.


  • Natural Rubber grips
  • Heavy-duty metal steel clips
  • Made with soft neoprene sponge padding, heavy metal steel, and durable nylon straps.
  • Durability, portability, versatility, and high quality.
  • 47″ long resistance bands
  • High-grade natural latex with high-density nylon webbing and sturdy heavy metal climbing carabiners.



SUPALAK Resistance Bands come in a set of 15 combining bands, tubes and sleeves. These bands come in a heavy-duty set with double the protection for maximum resistance and long-time use.

The SUPALAK Resisitance Bands are perfect for Exercise, Fitness, Pilates and strength training combined with 4 improved bigger handles, so you don’t have to switch handles between bands.

With the anti-snap double protection for durability, this pack is great for all workout options.

Nylon is made with sleeves, latex, and stainless steel in various colors and a pack.

 Including 5 bands,4 handles, 2 ankle straps, 2 door anchors, 1 storage bag, and 1 workout manual.


  • Heavy-duty nylon sleeve covered for double protection
  • Resistance from 20 LBs to 40 LBs,
  • Anti-Snap Double Protection 
  • Thicker than normal ankle straps
  • Foam handles that are larger in size
  • Quality protective Nylon sleeve and premium natural latex




BODYLASTICS Resistance Bands set is a durable exercise band with a robust and patented snap reduction and safety design.

These Bands are Premium finished and guarantee security every single use, with a comfortable grip for all workouts, making it ideal for strength workouts.

Made with 100% natural Malaysian latex with superior resistance for high-impact training.

‎Includes – 6 – Individual Handles, 6 – Individual Ankle Straps, 16 – Resistance Bands 2x3lb, 2x5lb, 2x8lb, 2x13lb, 2x19lb, 2x23lb, 2x30lb, 2x40lb, 1 – Carry Bag, 2 -Door Anchors, 1 -Large & Small

Anywhere Anchor


  • Carry bag.
  • Premium quality
  • Range of colors
  • Durable
  • 100% natural Malaysian latex
  • Suitable for all workouts
  • Suitable for high-impact workouts


Kinetic Bands

MYOSOURCE Kinetic Bands offers a full gym resistance training system with a wall mount anchor for the home which is simple and easy to install to turn your room into a functioning training area.

MYOSOURCE Kinetic Bands are a great workout for beginners and athletes or physical therapy treatments in strength building for your legs, hips, hip flexors, glutes, hamstrings, and core muscle workouts.

Kinetic Bands are for everyone to use, not just athletes!

In addition, it comes with Door Anchor, Handles and 5 resistance bands for the complete workout. Made of high-grade aluminum, it is easy to assemble and has 5 different colored bands.


  • Includes a wall mount
  • 5 bands
  • Includes door anchor and handles.
  • Easy to install.
  • High-grade aluminium



HPYGN Pull-Up Resistance Bands with adjustable weight and size for strength training include a pull-up assist band.

It is a great way to do push-ups without anyone’s help and is ideal for fitness pros or beginners.

The HYPGN Bands are a patented pull-up helper band set that has adjustable straps, 3 elastic bands, and 2 sponge pad slings hanging. You can achieve the purpose of exercising and strengthening the whole body according to different combinations.

Easy to travel with and use in any situation, including an adjustable steel buckle, latex tubes, and knee badges.

All are durable, adjustable and suitable for everyone using them.


  • The ultimate pull-up assist system
  • Natural rubber
  • 3 elastic bands
  • Adjustable straps
  • Adjustable steel buckle
  • Easy to use
  • Great workout


S & N

S & N Resistance Bands have 5 strengths for an entire body workout. These bands are made with lightweight fabric, perfect width, and durable quality for all workout levels and exercises.

Targeting all muscle groups with these nonslip, non-tear high-quality fabric exercise resistance bands. The S & N Resistance Bands are made with COMFORT STITCHING from the X-light to the X-heavy. Furthermore, all S & N Bands are designed and crafted to lay flat and smooth on the body without chaffing or discomfort, making them very comfortable for strength-ending and training workouts.

Fabric (Polyester and Latex Silk)

Including 10 resistance bands (2 for each resistance level), 1 mesh bag, and a link to the eBook.

X-Heavy up to 65 lbs; Heavy up to 45 lbs; Medium up to 35 lbs; Light up to 25 lbs, X-Light up to 15 lbs.


  • 5 Resistance Levels
  • Fabric (Polyester and Latex Silk)
  • Non-Slip 
  • High-Quality Fabric
  • No Tear- will outlast your toughest workout
  • Comfort Stitching 
  • X-light to X-heavy 


Body sports

BODY SPORT Exercise Bands comes in a 50-yard roll of heavy resistance band for all your workout needs.

Ideal for fitness, stretching, physical therapy and building muscle without weights. These durable fitness bands are 5 inches wide and available in five color-coded resistance levels.

They come in 5 different levels of resistance, easy dispensing and cutting. Tailor your strengthening workouts by the amount of band you require; it will help you build strength, muscle, endurance and overall fitness for all ages and all fitness levels.

Made with natural rubber that is easy to stretch while being very flexible.


  • 50-yard roll
  • of heavy resistance band
  • in five color-coded levels of resistance
  • durable fitness bands are 5 in. wide
  • easy dispensing and cutting
  • Made with natural rubber.


Resistance Bands are great to have on you when you need a stretch to relieve those sore muscles.

They are great as a pre-workout stretch or a warm-up and are easy to transport around with you. They are incredibly safe for everyone, and you can increase your strength as you go, coming in all shapes and sizes, from lightweight to extreme strength for an intense stretch and workout.

It has attachable handles to work out every muscle in the body with a huge variety of exercise options. It offers a great way to condition the body against fractures, falls, and injuries, strengthening muscles and bones.

These bands really do provide you with versatility and convenience without the need for dumbells or weights. Resistance Bands can be just as effective!

It is highly recommended to incorporate resistance bands into your weekly fitness routine either as a pre-workout stretch or cool-down stretch, rehabilitation and physiotherapy treatment stretching, fitness training and toning and a great intense workout option for all parts and muscles in the body.

Furthermore, they are suitable for all ages with so many benefits to fit everyone’s needs, offering a hugh variety of different options and sizes to suit you.

All band options in this article are of great quality and durability, so choose what suits you and your workout needs.

On your way to a new and improved toned, stretched, fit and energized you!

For further insights, tips and advice about your skincare and overall well-being. Check out additional blogs on our website-


Do Resistance Bands Actually Work?

Effective use of Resistance Bands would provide similar results if you were training with dumbbells or weights. Understanding how to use them with the right techniques produces excellent results for the average person or athlete. Subsequently, you can tailor exercises for specific body parts for strength workouts, therapy, conditioning, or relieving certain aches and pains.

How do you Choose the right Resistance Band for an exercise?

Choose a band you feel comfortable with and test whether the resistance is suitable for your exercise. Run a few tests to ensure the most appropriate resistance is providing you with a level of comfort but helping you achieve the benefit. If it becomes too easy, it’s time to increase the intensity of the band.

Also important to know that different bands are ideal for different body parts. For example, tube bands seem to be a better choice for upper-body workouts.

Is it OK to use Bands every day?

It really depends on the purpose and exercise regime. If you are running an exercise for therapy or rehabilitation reasons, it would be advisable to seek professional advice on what is recommended and the intensity of the resistance bands suitable for your exercise. It can easily be incorporated as part of your regular regime for stretching, stengthening or workouts. The great thing about these bands is they are multi-functional for many styles and purposes of exercise.

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