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The Commonwealth does not guarantee and accepts no legal liability, for the accuracy, reliability, currency, or completeness of any material on www.melsahyoun.com or any linked sites. You should seek appropriate independent professional advice before making any decisions based on material found on business.gov.au or any linked sites. You should not rely on the material we provide

Risks you assume by entering our site

By entering www.melsahyoun.com website, you release the Commonwealth of Australia, represented by www.melsahyoun.com, from all liability for claims, losses, expenses, damages, and costs you incur as a result of relying on the information on this site. This includes liability relating to:

  • defamatory material on any database
  • dealings with work (including software) in which you hold the copyright or other intellectual property right.

You take on all risks of using the site, including risks to your computer, software, or data.

Third-party material that we include on this site, doesn’t necessarily reflect our views.

Financial information

All financial information is unaudited unless otherwise specified.

Live chat
Any information we collect through the live chat service meets our privacy policy. The information the live chat service provides is not legal advice.

Websites we link to

www.melsahyoun.com  has no direct control over linked website content or changes to our content.

We link to external websites in good faith, but it’s your responsibility to decide on their accuracy, currency, reliability and correctness.

When we link to external websites and any applications they use (such as Twitter, Facebook, Medium, Quora, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube) we aren’t endorsing or recommending any related material, products or services. You are responsible for being aware of the organisation hosting websites you visit.


Embedded YouTube players include links to and advertising of other videos. This content is YouTube advertising and we can’t control or remove it. It may include irrelevant, inappropriate and potentially offensive video clips. www.melsahyoun.com  does not endorse this advertised content.

Social media

We build our social media networks and communities through linkages in social media tools. To build networks with various departments, organisations and professionals we’ll:

  • ‘follow’ in Twitter
  • ‘add to favourites’ in Facebook
  • ‘connect with’ in LinkedIn
  • ‘like/suggest’ in YouTube.
  • Express content on Quora
  • Write blog and post on Medium
  • Write blogs and post on Pinterest

When you use www.melsahyoun.com social media pages you are using an external site, so you are bound by their terms and conditions of use. We encourage you to review their legal policies for further information.

www.melsahyoun.com does not endorse and is not accountable for, any views of third parties using social media. The views expressed by contributors to www.melsahyoun.com social media pages are those of the individual sender, including views of:

  • Professionals
  • Influencers, bloggers or the likes
  • employees
  • affiliated companies of www.melsahyoun.com
  • outsourced services
  • www.melsahyoun.com  accepts no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of views or information posted.

We disclaim all liability resulting from any views or any information posted. We recommend you seek appropriate independent professional advice before entering into any commitment based on these views. You should not rely on these views.

Links from our social media to other sites are not endorsed by www.melsahyoun.com. We are not accountable for content on linked sites or your access to those sites via the links.

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