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Hi, I’m Mel,

A wife and mother of three amazing children. I love animals, especially my three dogs. I always look forward to socialising with family and friends. I love having fun and making the best of each moment- anyone who knows me knows I love to laugh.

Fashion, jewellery, makeup, and looking and feeling my best are important to who I am. Skincare, face treatments, and anything beauty related has been an essential part of my life since my first facial on my 30th birthday. Since then, I have been obsessed with the latest and the most advanced anti-aging products to achieve good results and the best-looking skin possible.

Now in my 50's, it is more important than ever.

Fitness has always been an essential part of life. My daily regime consists of cardio, yoga and Pilates. It is beneficial as it has always helped me physically and mentally throughout my day.

Nutrition and Healthy Eating have been a vital part of my life.
I have always been committed to eating healthy and wholesome foods. It has given me energy, vitality and a zest for constantly feeling great. Over the years, I have researched healthy foods and, more importantly, how eating healthy can help you optimise your health as you age.

I am passionate and committed to giving you insights into a healthy lifestyle, from skincare, nutrition, fitness and travel. In addition, I am dedicated to providing tips, product knowledge and valuable advice on improving and achieving a balanced lifestyle.

If you desire to improve your lifestyle in any of these areas, join me in assisting you on the journey to wellness today.

As far as beauty is concerned, in order to be confident, we must accept that the way we look and feel is our own responsibility.

— Sophia Loren

The Happier you are, the more beautiful you become.

— Audrey Hepburn

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