Healthy skin is a reflection of what you eat, drink, and how you live your life.

- Dr. Murad

Lifestyle & Wellness Blogger

This journey takes you into the areas I am very passionate about, with a strong focus on assisting you in developing a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

As I have passed the 50-year-old mark, I share on this website tips, advice, content, and the latest information to help you achieve a better you.

My focus is based on high-quality Anti-aging products and techniques that will help you to look and feel your absolute best, internally and externally.

This website provides holistic insights and resources focused on skincare, healthy nutrition, beauty, and cosmetics mainly for people from their 40's onwards looking for improved changes.

I hope you enjoy this journey!

The glow and energy of the healthy woman is the ultimate beauty, the only beauty that will last.

- Jane Fonda

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I would love to help you make a change...

Originally a former make-up artist and then many years as a Corporate Executive Assistant, my enthusiasm has always been to write, blog, and educate about healthy living.

I was further inspired by my mother who is the author of two spiritual books. I also found a passion for writing and I am in the process of completing my first book about health & well-being.

Follow my journey and tune in for weekly blogs, providing you with valuable content and information that may transform your life.

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